PhD Research: Moving Experience: an investigation of embodied knowledge and technology for reading flow in improvisation

I hold a PhD in the field of dance from the University of Bedfordshire.

My research interests bring together dance and technology utilising a set of methodologies including practical research in improvisation, movement analysis, positive psychology and philosophical thought.

The aim of the research is to understand, identify and produce an analysis of the moments of flow perceivable in a dancer’s body during improvisatory choreographic practice, through innovative technological means.

Read the abstract here.

Heidegger and Performance Research Group

I am a founding member of the Heidegger and Performance Research Group as part of the Performance Philosophy Network, alongside Dr Martin Leach and Marie Hay (DeMontfort University, Leicester).

My interest in Heidegger within Dance research has stemmed from my initial PhD research and draws on his early writing on Aristotle and the key concepts; Authenticity, Eudaimonia, Phronesis, Hexis, Angst, Kairos and Augenblick. The aim of this research in is establish the nature of ‘being-in-the-world’ through an exploration of contemporary dance improvisation.

Dance and Wellbeing

My philosophical research informs my research in  dance and well-being to support and enhance young people’s engagement in dance and to inform current educational practice in the development of positive body image practice. I am working on two collaborative projects with colleagues at the University of Bedfordshire and at Brunel University. More information soon!

Forthcoming Publications
  • Douse, L. (2017) ‘Flow in the dancing body: an intersubjective experience’ in Lycouris, S., Karkou, V. and Oliver, S. The Oxford Handbook for Dance and Wellbeing. Oxford University Press.
Journal Articles
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Invited Speaker
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Conference Contributions
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